Ct Call Tracking and Reporting
Patriot provides the most sophisticated and robust telephone call-reporting services in the telecommunications industry. Our proprietary software is tailored to a client’s need. Reports and telephone call data are provided real-time via Patriot’s secure website. Reports and data can include:
  • Geographic origin of the telephone calls – advertising market, city, zip code, etc.
  • Advertising lead source of telephone calls – calls can be tracked to a single advertising medium (using multiple toll-free telephone numbers) and include call date and time.
  • Number of telephone calls processed and the disposition of each call (e.g., answered, busy signal, no answer, reroute, call queued, aborted call, etc.).
  • ThumbPrint® of incoming calls from advertising sources (e.g., callers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.).
  • Patriot can procure toll-free telephone numbers and coordinate the allocation of numbers for advertising and media sourcing purposes.

Inbound calls can be digitally recorded so conversations (or lack thereof) can be listened to and evaluated. With Replay®, you can access recorded telephone calls via Patriot’s secure website and:

  • Easily replay and download conversations.
  • Recapture lost leads and critical caller information.
  • Coach and train your employees.